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RE: (TV) Husker Du With A TV Connection

Title: RE: (TV) Husker Du With A TV Connection

Husker Du content: Columbia House forgot to include "The Living End" in my first shipment of CD's.


np: "Reich Remix"

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Subject: (TV) Husker Du With A TV Connection

Hi all

Nice to see all the Husker Du mentions in the 'soul' topic along with loads
of other stuff. Still think they were the best band of the 80s(if not all

Anyway I was looking at a Husker Du website this week and,  a page entitled
'Songs covered by Husker Du, it's members, and it's descendants' . Now I
know from seeing Husker Du a lot of times for someone this side of the
Atlantic that they did a lot of covers, and did them probably better than
any other band has ever done covers, but I was really surprised to see
included in the list both Glory and See No Evil--anyone else know about
this? Love to know if they were done by the Huskers, the wonderful Grant
Hart or the miserable sod Bob Mould.

I've seen quite a few threads about TV covers on this list but don't recall
these ever being mentioned.


ps some of the other interesting covers--Non-Alignment Pact, Paranoid, Shoot
Out The Lights, Wichita Lineman and loads of others.

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