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Re: (TV) Just checking...

Joe Hartley wrote:

  Anyone still here?  It's been awfully quiet lately!

  My wife got the new Patti Smith disc, and she says it may be her best
  ever.  I can't say, as she hasn't let go of it yet!

hmmm....her best ever?
i can't agree with that, tho half the record's better than anything she's done in the 90s....the single ("glitter..") is a luscious bomb of a diatribe....still, i couldn't, in good conscience, even rank this disc alongside "wave"...maybe as good as "dream of life" (which a decade & more later, sounds really on...most of it, at least.)
going to see her wednesday nite at a beautiful old but refurbished dance hall here in portland, oregon....i'm honestly on the edge of my seat waiting...(i've never seen her besides word readings)....