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RE: (TV) re: Scarcity of Verlaine CDs/'ass-kicking' Verlaine quiz /"23 Minu tes in Brussels"

Title: RE: (TV) re: Scarcity of Verlaine CDs/'ass-kicking' Verlaine quiz/"23 Minu tes in Brussels"

Has anyone gotten the re-issue of "Dreamtime" with the extra track? Is it good enough to warrant getting the CD?



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Re scarcity/price of Tom's solo work CDs: True, he is still keeping a relatively low profile, but I think it comes down to simple 'supply and demand'.  Yes, one could find one of his CDs used for $8 several years ago.  But remember,  there were not a lot of copies (say, x units) of Tom's solo work released in the first place; this and the fact that  very few of his fans (f) re-sell his recordings, together with that there is a new, younger, musically sophisticated audience (y) -----albeit a relatively small, audience, but y is still greater than x minus f (sorry for the math) who hear his music but can't find it.  

Re 'getting your ass kicked' on the Verlaine Quiz:  remember that the questions were deliberately designed to be get harder and then ridiculously hard (more and more obscure) as you get further on into it (Parts 7 thru 9) to the point where probably no could answer them.  It's not your quiz score that's important, rather it's the process of taking the quiz itself.   

Re Luna: I agree with Micah.  I remember being in a record store in Boston and hearing this great song.  I asked the storeowner who it was by, but he had no idea.  I later found it was from a Luna CD , but when I got home the liner notes revealed that Verlaine played guitar on "23 Minutes in Brussels", I thought no wonder it sounds so great. 

        On the other hand, I remember years ago reading an article in which Ric Ocasek was blabbering on and on and boasting about how Tom Verlaine played on Ocasek's solo record.  I rushed out, bought it and quite disappointed.  Later I thought, o'well, Tom probably needed the money at the time, and Ocasek probably offered him a bundle.

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> Hi Leo,
> Welcome aboard!
> --- "Casey, Leo J" <CaseyL@volpe.dot.gov> wrote:
> > My theory on why people are bidding so
> > high for Verlaine's CDs is that they are now hard to come by.  In Boston and
> > Cambridge  used CD stores and even thru mail order venues, these CDs are
> > really difficult to find.
> I agree, but Verlaine's CDs have been rare for years. Finding a copy of THE
> WONDER in 1994 took me months, but when I finally found a copy (via GOLDMINE
> magazine), it cost me $8 - same for FLASHLIGHT. The sudden rise in prices
> surprises me, because Verlaine is just as low-profile as he has been since 1994
> - there's no new album, single, cameo, etc., to generate interest (that I know
> of), yet public interest has definitely climbed (and no, I don't think the film
> score shows are big public attention-getters).
> > The reaction/feedback to the Tom Verlaine/Television Quiz on Santa dog's site
> > so far has been positively under-whelming.  I hope that any of you who have
> > tried it, realize that this quiz is/was supposed to be deliberately
> > humorously difficult/obsessive, in a wry, subtle sort of way. 
> Hey man, I made it through the first few pages (as you know) before getting my
> ass kicked... now don't that buckle my belt? :^)
> --Philip
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