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(TV) what's doing it for you

As of late, these guitarists are doing it for me.

Zoot Horn Rollo, on Captain Beefheart's "Clear Spot", ferocious and funky.
James Burton, on Gram Parson's "Grievous Angel" (check out "Ooh! Las Vegas",
sizzling solo), Merle Haggard's 60's Capitol singles, like "Mama Tried", and
Rick Nelson's late 50's singles, and on Dale Hawkins early rockabilly
singles (though it isn't clear whether it's him or Roy Buchanan on which
tracks, whoever is playing smokes).
Cliff Gallup, from Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps (Race With The Devil, Ain't
She Sweet, so smooth).
Jeff Beck on "Truth" (just got a UK mono copy of the LP, while a little
surface-noisy, is still phenomenal and better than the common mix. It's
everything you hoped he would do on "Roger the Engineer" by the Yardbirds.)
Richard Thompson (that intro to the Calvary Cross on I Want To See The
Bright Lights Tonight is like a bagpipe's mournful call to arms!, also Roll
Over Vaughn Williams on Henry the Human Fly, and the entire Pour Down Like
Silver LP)
Joey Santiago,(yeah I know he ain't a player like those other guys but he
sounds real cool on that early Pixies stuff).

Also drummers I suddenly notice:

Charlie Watts on Between the Buttons is so damn integral to those crazy
songs. My God! That album is one of the most inventive and non-dated
sounding of the era.
Mick Avory of the Kinks, same story. His playing on the Kink Kontroversy and
Face to Face is fantastically musical. He was a Stone for a while! Before
Steve Goulding on the Mekons' "Rock 'N' Roll" and the new album, "Journey To
The End Of The Night". Great sympathetic playing to great songs..

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