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Re: (TV) Arista/Clive Davis (was Re: Kral comments)

Interesting, this... I don't know what the situation is in the US, but
in the UK there is also the price differential between so-called
'consumer' and 'professional' CD-R blanks (the former, confusingly,
being the more expensive). However, no-one in the UK has ever got around
to setting up any sort of organisation to collect the levy from consumer
discs that is supposed to go to record companies to recompense them for
the music supposedly being pirated. So as far as I know the people
making the CD-Rs just charge an extra quid or two for the consumer ones
and keep the cash -- it doesn't even go to the record companies, let
alone the artists.

Joe Hartley wrote:
> The modern eqivalent to DAT is the CD-R.  Same argument - a perfect copy
> will always lead to piracy.  Thus the new home stereo CD burners can't use
> the standard data CD-R's at 35-50 cents per blank; you've got to get the
> special CD-Rs that have the surcharge on 'em so that the label gets their
> money anyway.  (Side question: does any of that money go to the artists,
> who would get a piece of a CD sale?  I'll bet you a nickel none of that
> money gets down to the artists, but I don't know for sure.)
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