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Re: (TV) Free Patti Smith Concert Tickets !!!

Hello Michael,
    Please if you have one ticket,I will take it!!!!

From: "Michael Carlucci" <michael@recordsnyc.com>
Reply-To: tv@obbard.com
To: TELEVISION LIST <tv@obbard.com>
Subject: (TV) Free Patti Smith Concert Tickets !!!
Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 14:10:00 -0400

Attention New York City & Tri-state area Patti fans! Patti Smith will be
performing in Central Park Zoo at 64th Street & 5th Avenue on Wednesday May
10th at 8:15PM. The concert is being taped for Canadian TV. It's MUCHMUSIC
in connection with the WILDLIFE CONSERVATION SOCIETY. We have 26 individual
tickets to give away. It's all first come first serve and only one ticket
per customer, please. Anyone interested can either email me at
info@recordsnyc.com or call me on my fax phone @ 212 675 6795. Cut-off time
is 3:00PM on Wednesday. Thanks and good luck.

Michael T. Carlucci
Subterranean Records
5 Cornelia Street
New York, NY 10014
Ph:212 463 8900
fx: 212 675 6795

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