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(TV) Very Scary Thought

In 1994, after a bigger than usual pay check, I bought half a dozen CD's of
Mrquee Moon in order to influence people who may need such enlightenment in
a world that looked like they'd be forgotten forever.. First one went to my
brother who accepted it with the words "Oh I've seen this in the shop.."
turns out he was referring to our local peddler where he goes to buy his
Savage Garden tapes (British readers may need to lie down at this point). A
further investigation by yours disbelieving proved him right but it turned
out that he remembered the cover photo from years and years back and it sort
of had imprinted like no other sleeve from that era had. I later discovered
a home-made Ramones tape he'd compiled solely on the basis that he liked the
song titles...o well whatever it takes

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