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Re: (TV) Todd Rundgren

I think TR actually did a fair enough job on the dolls 1st -Shadow Morton
fared far worse on "too much,too soon" IMHO- the overall sound there is
mushy and dull in places.... from all accounts however the Runt was pretty
damn condescending about the Doll's songs and musical ability in general-he
just didn't get them- obviously just paying the rent on that one...

I'm interested if you're listening to the vinyl or the cd copy Sam-to me the
vinyl always sounds fine but the original cd transfers were/are absolutely
appalling."Too much"was one of the first cds i ever bought that i already
had on vinyl and I was totally shocked at how shoddily the transfer was.Of
course this was the early days of digital technology.....

Personally i don't get a lot of TR's stuff in general and Utopia have to be
one of the worst groups ever though maybe i should give him another
chance -"International Feel " by TR is an incredible song all the
same.Certainly it's an amazing sound simulation of the acid experience.

I remain ever hopeful that one day some company will take the NY Dolls back
catalogue and do what Rhino did with Love and give it the due care and
attention that it deserves.

Finally what is the name of that Dolls demo album Sam?

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From: Sam Inglis <sam@sospubs.co.uk

> Hmmm... for all his good qualities, I think he ballsed up that album
> quite badly. You can hardly hear Johnny Thunders' guitar, and most of it
> sounds both rushed and muffled. 'Personality Crisis' and 'Jet Boy' are
> great, but otherwise the demos they did for that album (now released as
> a CD I can't remember the name of) knock spots off the album itself.
> Sam
> Eric Veillette wrote:
> >
> > Let us not forget that Todd also produced the New York Dolls first album

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