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Re: (TV) Bowie (was: Todd Rundgren)

At 3:27 PM -0400 5/16/00, Michael Carlucci wrote:
    I don't recall that one. What's that all about. I thought it was more
about how Tom didn't approve of Bowie's arrangement of the track. I'd like
to hear more about this other story.

Pack rat that I am, it was in my mailbox for the list. I've included it here. Hope you don't mind, Philip.


Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 20:46:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: Philip Obbard <pobbard@yahoo.com>
Subject: Cover versions / Bowie's "Kingdom Come"
To: Marquee Moon <marqueemoon@listbot.com>


2. A few years back, I e-mailed Tony Visconti
(producer for David Bowie during most of the 70s) and
asked him how David wound-up doing "Kingdom Come" for
SCARY MONSTER. Visconti said Bowie was a big fan of
Television (later confirmed in FROM THE VELVETS TO THE
VOIDOIDS and Bowie's own liner notes to the BUDDHA OF
SUBURBIA soundtrack in 1993) and Verlaine was
originally supposed to play on SCARY MONSTERS, too.
They brought him in during the sessions for "Kingdom
Come". However, instead of rehearsing, Visconti said
Tom "hired every session musician in town" to come
play in the studio with them. "We told him not to come
back," Visconti reported.


Maurice Rickard
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