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Re: (TV) Well, how about that?

Keith Allison wrote:

> This month's Q Magazine list the 100 Greatest British Album Ever.
> Top six are:
> 1. Revolver
> 2. OK Computer
> 3. Exile on Main Steret
> 4. London Calling
> 5. A Hard Day's Night
> 6. Astral Weeks
> Any thoughts about this? Any arguments?

oh yeah...plenty of arguing here...i mean, radiohead???
what the hell is with their critical pull???
& i know i'm gonna take lotsa shit for this, but the beatles were an
excruciatingly over-rated band....i'll take the nuggets box, just bout ANY
stones record, the 1st 3 love records, ALL the VU, most of the 60s who, the
3rd, 4th & 5th byrds recs, moby grape's debut....the list is
endless....over EVERY single beatles rec...(i'm not saying they
aren't/weren't enjoyable, meaningful works & ringo's a great drummer,
i won't argue with the clash &/or stones...

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