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(TV) a true classic though def.not"british"....

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From: Michael Carlucci <michael@recordsnyc.com>

>     The only LP I might have questions about is Van's "Astral Weeks". Not
in it's brilliance but in it's being a British album.

Too true...Astral Weeks might well have been recorded by an irishman in the
USA with
american musicians but this is truly uplifting,soulful and universal music.

On a recent trip back to my homeland a week or so ago I was finally able to
visit Cypress
Avenue in Belfast for the first time.Incredibly this part of the city has
remained totally unspoiled
and free from any of the ravages and destruction of the last 30 odd troubled
Being right there on that very "avenue of trees"was actually quite a
dreamlike,magical experience for me- it was such a beautiful,sunlit spring
day and I felt like I had stepped back in time briefly to a safer,more
innocent era...it made quite an impresssion on me....

Also when I was younger I once met a very unconventionally pretty and
enigmatic lady on the
ferry from Ireland to England who befriended me as I was travelling
alone.During the course of our conversation and time spent together
on the crossing she intimated in a very subtle and clever way that she might
indeed have been the subject,muse and inspiration for Van's
masterpiece.I certainly had no reason to ever disbelieve her-in any case why
would someone want to lie about such a thing?-mysteriously though she never
did tell me her name...

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