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Re: (TV) Well, how about that?

"Michael Carlucci" <michael@recordsnyc.com> wrote:
>     The only LP I might have questions about is Van's "Astral Weeks". Not in
> it's brilliance but in it's being a British album. Unfortunately I do not
> have a copy in stock at the moment, but wasn't the LP recorded in Woodstock
> or am I thinking of Moondance & Tupelo Honey?

The liner notes to AW say that it was recorded in NYC in 2 days.  I
believe most if not all of the musicians except for Van were American.

Perhaps it's because I'm from New England, but this album has always
felt like NE to me.  There are references to Cape Cod, Hyannisport and
Cambridge in "Ballerina".  The whole thing just evokes a brilliant Autumn
day here for me.

The only British connection is that Van is Irish.  That seems to count for
the purposes of the list, but I agree that this album (and a lot of other
Van as well, like TH) are quintessentially American.

Leige and Leif by Fairport Convention - now there's a British album!
There is some Van that I'd consider British, but he bases so much of his
work on exploration of American Blues and R&B (i.e. "Jackie Wilson Said")
that it's got to be considered on an album-by-album basis.

And shame on me for not mentioning the Kinks and the Who.  Arthur, The
Village Green Preservation Society and Quadrophenia are all so damn
British you want to go brew some tea and boil some veggies into mush :)

Eel pie, anyone?

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