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Re: (TV) a true classic though def.not"british"....

Everybody's been weighing in with a different Bowie LP, and after each one I
think "hmm, maybe that one was my favorite too..."  All in all, the man had an
incredible run -- from, say, "The Man Who Sold The World" through, say, "Scary
Monsters," Bowie was unstoppable.  When they write the history of album rock,
this guy's gonna be up there.

And while we're on the topic of British rock, how could I not put in a good
word for the blokes in Mott the Hoople -- whose Brain Capers, All The Young
Dudes, and Mott LPs made a nice little triumvirate, as well as making the
world safe for "London Calling" (which we all know is a top fiver).

And speaking of top five lists, anyone see "High Fidelity"?

- Jeff Strell

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