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Re: (TV) Ray / John Lennon's Jock Strap

this argument's gonna go nowhere cos it really comes down to a matter of  slight taste/opinion.... realistically, we're talking bout a shade of difference...all 3 wrote in a similar
vernacular, all 3 were informed by the same cultural currents carrying them along (it's only mainstream/overground history that'll give you the impression that the beatles were defining the
generation & if they were, which, well maybe?...if so, they weren't doing it deliberately with some sorta master plan), but most importantly; all 3, & here's where it gets sticky, were picking
up on the detritus bob dylan was leaving in his wake as he plowed thru the decade faster than the speed of light.
what the beatles, kinks & who did was to take that beautiful bomb dylan (& chuck berry & a few others) had dropped prior & put a particularly british spin on it.
& for my $$$, davies at his best was better than lennon/mccartney.

"Casey, Leo J" wrote:

> As much as I love the Kinks and Ray Davies, I have to agree with Jeff.  I really don't think Ray Davies is in the same league; he couldn't carry John Lennon' jock strap (but maybe Paul's).
> Leo The Vulgar
> Jeff Strell wrote:
> >
> > Aw, c'mon.  I hate to sound like an old curmudgeon, but let's set the record
> > straight here.  Lennon/McCartney shaped a culture, defined a generation, and,
> > combined, never wrote a less than memorable song.
> >

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