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Re: (TV) Ray / John Lennon's Jock Strap

jeez, i come off as some sorta brit-basher here, which i certainly ain't.
guess i just get tired of hearing the beatles perpetually name-checked as the greatest this/greatest that all the time.
they didn't take half the chances dylan took & they moved pretty slowly in comparison as well...
& i'm with monica...cept i'll take the stones over the beatles.

eric s gregory wrote:

> this argument's gonna go nowhere cos it really comes down to a matter of  slight taste/opinion.... realistically, we're talking bout a shade of difference...all 3 wrote in a similar
> vernacular, all 3 were informed by the same cultural currents carrying them along (it's only mainstream/overground history that'll give you the impression that the beatles were defining the
> generation & if they were, which, well maybe?...if so, they weren't doing it deliberately with some sorta master plan), but most importantly; all 3, & here's where it gets sticky, were picking
> up on the detritus bob dylan was leaving in his wake as he plowed thru the decade faster than the speed of light.
> what the beatles, kinks & who did was to take that beautiful bomb dylan (& chuck berry & a few others) had dropped prior & put a particularly british spin on it.
> & for my $$$, davies at his best was better than lennon/mccartney.
> "Casey, Leo J" wrote:
> > As much as I love the Kinks and Ray Davies, I have to agree with Jeff.  I really don't think Ray Davies is in the same league; he couldn't carry John Lennon' jock strap (but maybe Paul's).
> >
> > Leo The Vulgar
> >
> > Jeff Strell wrote:
> > >
> > > Aw, c'mon.  I hate to sound like an old curmudgeon, but let's set the record
> > > straight here.  Lennon/McCartney shaped a culture, defined a generation, and,
> > > combined, never wrote a less than memorable song.
> > >
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