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(TV) Th' 'oo

Billy Ancell <bilbicus@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Who's next!
> Overrated!
> Baah!

I spent years as an enormous Who fan.  I've got all the albums 
up until Face Dances, though I've not a single CD.  Did I outgrow 
that teenage angst?  It did take a while for Townshend to realize 
that he was now hoping to get old before he died, and that the whole
angry young man stance didn't become a 40 year old geezer.  That's
when his solo stuff really started to be worthwhile!

As big a fan as I was (and I'm thinking I need to burn a CD of
Quadrophenia soon), I don't really care if I ever hear "Who's Next"
again.  That record's not overrated so much as overexposed.

And regarding the Kinks, I've maintained for a loooong time that
"Waterloo Sunset" is *the* perfect pop song.  When I was over in
London a few years back, I had the great good fortune to cross over
the river near Waterloo station at sunset.  It was wonderful - a
brief moment of inner beauty among the everyday hustle & bustle of
life.  If anyone had been looking at me at thoat moment, they would have
wondered what was wrong with me; I was really lost in that moment.

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