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Re: (TV) Ray / Marc /Ziggy

OK, Monica.  I'll grant you "Get Back In Line."  I forgot all about "Get Back
In Line."

Plus, I was, as my beloved Mott the Hoople so aptly put it, "Born Late '58,"
and, so, much more susceptible to Beatlemania than a child of the (late)
sixties might be.  For me, they're on some exalted level above critical
analysis.  Let me put it this way -- a recent screening of the newly-remixed,
surround-sound Yellow Submarine movie moved me almost to tears.  (I actually
remember being disappointed I was too young to see them at Shea, and I
remember watching them on Ed Sullivan.)

Plus, let's say I'm of the ethnic persuasion to be not particularly amused by
Ray's little ditty "When I Turn Off the Living Room Light" on "Great Lost..." 
Leading me to believe that our Mister Davies, though gifted, is not one of the
world's great thinkers.  (Unless his intent here was to offend all women and
Jews in his audience.  I could hardly imagine John Lennon being involved in a
similar gaffe.)  

So on balance, if it isn't painfully obvious already, let me say that I
(sometimes) LOVE the Kinks.  (Even if I can't reconstruct the exact order of
their 60s output on a moment's notice.)  But better than the Beatles?  Geez.

- Jeff

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