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Re: (TV) Ray / Marc /Ziggy

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esgregory@uswest.net writes:

> thing is, we could make as equally a compelling argument for the who from 
> debut thru "who's next" (an overrated album, if there ever was one).

I've been laying low on this thread, but I've got to chime in here.

WHO'S NEXT may have been played to death by FM radio (specifically "Baba 
O'Riley", "Bargain", and "Won't Get Fooled Again"), but despite that, the 
songs hold up masterfully. If you ignore the number of times you heard it 
before and listen to build up in "Baba O'Riley" from the pulsing synth, to 
the piano, to the rest of the band ... it's just magnificent. And the closer, 
"Song Is Over", is one of Townshend's finest. Overrated? Not even close. 
Easily in the "top 10 all time". Personally, I prefer QUADROPHENIA, but WHO'S 
NEXT is definitely the masterpiece. About the only fault with the record is 
that it wasn't a double to make room for stuff like "Pure And Easy", "Join 
Together" and "The Relay".

Dylan vs. The Beatles. I think the Beatles may be taking an extra bashing 
here because of familiarity. Did I read in the thread that The Beatles 
weren't as innovative as Dylan? That's ridiculous. The Beatles went from no 
frills pop group in '64 to a classic like REVOLVER by '66 and PEPPER by '67. 
Once they hit RUBBER SOUL, their sound kept changing and innovating. Dylan 
was definitely ballsy for putting electric guitars into folk, no question, 
and Dylan is also a tremendous songwriter, but more innovative than the 
Beatles? I don't see it.

I'm not even that big a Beatles fan, but you've got to give them their due. 
Yes, it's been said to death, and yes, everyone gets compared to the Beatles, 
but it wasn't pure serendipity and timing. That helped, but the music is/was 

    -- Owen

Owen Gwilliam
http://shadowy.brainiac.com (The Shadowy Page On A Shadowy Web)

"America is such a powerful country that everyone in the world ought to be 
able to vote for President. But you'd never allow that because you know that 
if that happened, the next President of the United States would be Frank 
Zappa." -- Billy Connolly, 1988
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