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(TV) Ray/Beatles

Hi again all,
                  My earlier remarks,like Keith's before me, really seem to
have put the cat among the pigeons-I must say it's great though to see so
much activity on the list again!
I feel like I still need to qualify something I forgot to add earlier.As I
said before I remain a huge Beatles fan to this day as well as obviously
being an ardent Ray admirer.As someone born in '61 the fabs were the first
pop music I ever remember hearing on the radio so they obviously made a
massive early impact on me as a youngster and then later as a musician -of
course I recognise their immense social and cultural impact yet perhaps
because this is so I find a portion of their recorded material constantly
overpraised and over-hyped as a result.People's critical facilities seem to
go out the window a lot of the time....
Meanwhile here's old Ray who doesn't have any writing partner to spark off
or help him finish material, getting shafted big-time on various dodgy
publishing/business deals and not even allowed to tour the US at the height
of popularity of the Kinks!...and he stills manages somehow to keep churning
out an incredibly high standard of wonderful songs all the while -by
I just think he deserves a hell of a lot more respect than he is currently
accorded-he's one of those folk who should be lionised every bit as much as
the Beatles are-glad to see so many listers agree....R.

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