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(TV) Verlaine/Kinks

At the risk of beating this topic to death:
>From Guitar World (Nov. 1981) interview:  How did this player get to such an exalted level of obscurity? Let's ask him:
TV: "I grew up taking piano lessons and liking Wagner when I was in second grade. I love these symphonies but they're totally - well, it's like a universe of sound. I can still remember being in second grade and getting these like, the 'Longine's Society Great Symphonies of the World' records and playing them. They were mono records. I can remember playing them - it was a universe, it wasn't a personality, it was a universe of sound! Things happening."
TV: "And then when somebody turned me on to a Coltrane record around seventh grade, I took up saxophone. Around tenth grade, somebody played me (actually it was my brother, who would listen to Motown which I thought was like bad jazz at the time) 'Wake Me, Shake Me (When It's Over)' and when I heard it, for some reason I loved that song. And then I heard 'Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown' and 'All of the Day (And All of the Night)' [emphasis added]. Those are the records that made me think the guitar could be as good as jazz. Up until then the electric guitar was a stupid instrument to me. When I heard the solos on those records, the sound, the general sound, that's when it occurred to me that the guitar was a cool instrument."
	TV: "Those two singles, like I said were the two big guitar singles, and the early Yardbirds' stuff. And Bloomfield's playing on 'Highway 61 Revisited'. That stuff I thought was great. I'm trying to think of the records I had, there in my room, in Delaware. My brother had Sam and Dave records, you know the guitar playing on those records? And the Byrds. The Byrds I really did like. And I did like their B-sides, although I haven't heard them in years and years. Now that you mention it, those B-sides were great! Is 'She Don't Care About Time' a B-side?"


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> Well put.
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> > Hi again all,
> >                   My earlier remarks,like Keith's before me, really seem to
> > have put the cat among the pigeons-I must say it's great though to see so
> > much activity on the list again!
> > I feel like I still need to qualify something I forgot to add earlier.As I
> > said before I remain a huge Beatles fan to this day as well as obviously
> > being an ardent Ray admirer.As someone born in '61 the fabs were the first
> > pop music I ever remember hearing on the radio so they obviously made a
> > massive early impact on me as a youngster and then later as a musician -of
> > course I recognise their immense social and cultural impact yet perhaps
> > because this is so I find a portion of their recorded material constantly
> > overpraised and over-hyped as a result.People's critical facilities seem to
> > go out the window a lot of the time....
> > Meanwhile here's old Ray who doesn't have any writing partner to spark off
> > or help him finish material, getting shafted big-time on various dodgy
> > publishing/business deals and not even allowed to tour the US at the height
> > of popularity of the Kinks!...and he stills manages somehow to keep churning
> > out an incredibly high standard of wonderful songs all the while -by
> > himself-incredible!!!
> > I just think he deserves a hell of a lot more respect than he is currently
> > accorded-he's one of those folk who should be lionised every bit as much as
> > the Beatles are-glad to see so many listers agree....R.
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