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RE: (TV) Ray / Marc /Ziggy

Hell, you should hear Don Byron's version of "I'll Follow the Sun." He and
Frisell combine for the sweetest sound!!!


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>Aw, c'mon.  I hate to sound like an old curmudgeon, but let's set the
>straight here.  Lennon/McCartney shaped a culture, defined a generation,

But that's as much hype and right-place-in-right-time as anything else. Not
saying they weren't brilliant and didn't hit the zeitgeist on a
microscope-ready bullseye. But now that we've got hindsight, looking purely
at music w/o all the 'cultural' stuff (I was born in '69), do I voluntarily
put on Beatles records even an eighth as often as Kinks records? Um, no.
Actually, I don't own any Beatles records any more....sold 'em off years
ago and haven't missed 'em much. Except maybe for _Let It Be_, mostly
because of "Across the Universe" (isn't that a George Harrison song?)

Historical importance well, well noted. I just don't enjoy listening to 'em
all that much.

>combined, never wrote a less than memorable song.

Dunno 'bout -that-. They certainly produced some godawful ones, but I
suppose those are memorable in their way.
>Ray Davies and his spunky little band rode the wave.  They put out three
>miraculous LPs in a row (Village Green, Face to Face, and Something Else),
>several other memorable ones.  That's more than most other British Invasion
>bands can say.  But the only Davies tunes that might rank with the Beatles
>"Waterloo Sunset" and "Days."
>- Jeff Strell
I submit:

"Village Green Preservation Society"
"God's Children"
"Dead End Street"
"Death of a Clown" (a _Dave_ Davies song!)
"Strangers" (another one!)
"People Take Pictures of Each Other"
"David Watts"
"Mirror of Love"
"Susannah's Still Alive"
"Autumn Almanac"
"Sunny Afternoon"
"Some Mother's Son"
"Two Sisters"
"Celluloid Heroes"
"Get Back in Line"
"Muswell Hillbilly"
(yes, sigh) "Lola"
"The Way Love Used to Be"

>From _The Kinks Kontroversy_ thru _Muswell Hillbillies_ then, with
intermittent static specks of greatness after that, finally fizzling out
completely in the 80s. Not shabby.


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