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(TV) Friction

Leo, I wouldn't describe Verlaine as an "anxious" person. The diagnosis
would be more along the lines of "narcissistic paranoid with sadistic
tendencies", but he's not like that all the time. Most of the time he's
a regular guy and he's a lot of fun. By sadistic I mean that his
paranoia causes him to lash out emotionally because he imagines that
he's being plotted against or that someone is competing with him. He's
not a physically violent man. He found out early that his defensiveness
gets him into trouble. He said that when he played football in high
school he took the actions of an opponent so personally that he really
attacked the guy. Tom is also well aware of his tendency to be brutally
frank, or as he puts it, "tactless". Once he was walking down an NYC
street and he made "some off the cuff comment to a guy standing on the
sidewalk. The next thing I knew I was flat on my back looking at stars
floating above my head." He is a rough romanitic, which I used to find
more exciting than Mr. Nice Guy.

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