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(TV) RE: Tom voted ' Most Unknown' in H.S.

There is actually a quite wonderful old article written in 1978 by Deborah Frost for The Boston Phoenix [not to be confused with the Oct.1977 Boston Phoenix article that is posted on the Unofficial Television Web Site - Marquee Moon].

In this piece Ms. Frost (I think she now writes for the New Yorker) says something along the lines of ...... Verlaine is that kid in high school, the quiet mysterious one who always sat at the back of the class, the one you always wondered about....  (I'm not doing her description justice. I have the old yellowed dog-eared article at home, where I am not at right now).  The article also has one of the most striking yet bizarre photos of Tom that I have ever seen. He sitting in an automobile wearing a light T-shirt, and his right hand is holding onto a cloth or leather strap that's hanging down from the car's ceiling.  The expression on his face makes him look about 12 years old.  

Ms. Frost also stresses the idea of how Tom knows that if something in his life 'is wanting or deficient'  then it is due to his own shortcomings and no one else is to blame.  It's quite a good article.  I don't have a scanner, but maybe I could type it up---but the photo you've got to see to believe.

Leo The Pack Rat

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> I always thought that the reason Tom was voted "most unlikely to
> succeed" by his high school class was that his hyper-sensitivity and his
> paranoia unnerved the ordinary kids who didn't understand that artists
> are quirky. (Tom says they voted him that because he was absent a lot.}
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