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(TV) Most Unlikely

Tom's point was that 1880 or So is a good song

Getting back to "most unlikely to succeed": In fact, in the CBGB
graduating class of bands Tom's was the least successful compared to
Patti Smith, Blondie, Heads, Ramones. Do you think Tom would have been
more successful if he weren't sensitive and paranoid? But if he weren't
so sensitive his music would be dull. I'd take Tom's paranoia over
whatever Byrne has. When I first met Tom people from the CBGB scene told
me, "Watch out for that guy. He's a cold distant paranoid back-stabber
etc." I didn't listen. I thought Tom was misunderstood. I was young and
dumb. As time progressed I came to see how artistic sensitivity can be a
curse as well as a blessing.

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