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RE: (TV) RE: 1880 or So

I feel like a chump-----he certainly bamboozled me. 

It seemed plausible to me that Tom had 20 friends who were parents, and he could easily have done an  informal musical poll by sending their kids tapes for feedback.  What was the point TV was trying to make and to which you refer?  Was it that Television plays rock and roll [The Bomb:  Is what you play rock and roll?] or that he could write a 'hit' single?
I hope this doesn't also mean that Tom V has also been putting us on about almost everything,-----imagine where that could lead.  E. g., he actually hates French Symbolist poets, Petulia Clark's and Henry Mancini's music, and Glenn Gould's (persona) ; loves The Beatles; hates the Kinks, The Byrds , and the movie "Wild River; actually prefers Kenrn Burrell's sweet-icky sound to that of a Jazzmaster/Jaguar Fender played thru a tubed amp; and oh yeah, in real-life Tom detests the night so much that he gets up every morning at the crack of dawn. Egads! 
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> Can't you tell that Tom made up that amusing story to illustrate a
> point, as he often does in interviews and in casual conversation? He's a
> poet and he speaks in symbols and riddles. Some people might say he
> tends to "lie", but I  give him the benefit of the doubt because he has
> a poetic license to "lie" (although it can get tiresome, especially when
> he paranoiacally uses it as a defense mechanism). Sensitivity and
> paranoia go hand in hand. Does the genius of the music compensate for
> the personality problems which contribute to the genius of the music?
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