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Re: (TV) RE: 1880 or So

In message <ED2B74C7B733D31197F900805FBBB2BF709E93@vntmail03.volpe.dot.g
ov>, Casey, Leo J <CaseyL@volpe.dot.gov> writes
>It seemed plausible to me that Tom had 20 friends who were parents, and he could 
>easily have done an  informal musical poll by sending their kids tapes for 
>feedback.  What was the point TV was trying to make and to which you refer?  Was 
>it that Television plays rock and roll [The Bomb:  Is what you play rock and 
>roll?] or that he could write a 'hit' single?
>I hope this doesn't also mean that Tom V has also been putting us on about 
>almost everything,-----imagine where that could lead.  E. g., he actually hates 
>French Symbolist poets, Petulia Clark's and Henry Mancini's music, and Glenn 
>Gould's (persona) ; loves The Beatles; hates the Kinks, The Byrds , and the 
>movie "Wild River; actually prefers Kenrn Burrell's sweet-icky sound to that of 
>a Jazzmaster/Jaguar Fender played thru a tubed amp; and oh yeah, in real-life 
>Tom detests the night so much that he gets up every morning at the crack of 
>dawn. Egads! 
>       Leo

Damn, you mean he's just like everyone else? Another illusion shattered!

Keith Allison
"The Wonder - Tom Verlaine, Television & Stuff"
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