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Re: (TV) Test Patterns problem mp3's?

"Cliff McLenehan" <klif@volny.cz> wrote:
> Has anybody else had problems with the mp3's of Misty Eyes and 
> the Lounge Hounds? I've downloaded the former twice and it has a 
> horrible "ringing" sound going throughout the song. So does the 
> Lounge Hounds track. Greg Chapple's version of Guiding Light is 
> fine though. Do I have a problem with my mp3 player or is it a 
> problem of faulty encoding?

I notice this "ringing" artifact a little more on the LH's cut than
on Misty Eyes, but I had to listen hard for it on both tracks.  I
noticed that the 2 MP3's you mentioned had a lower sampling frequency
(32MHz as opposed to 44MHz) so that might contribute a little to it.

I didn't encode either of those two tracks, so I don't know what
encoder was used.  I'm awfully fond of the LAME encoder; see
http://www.sulaco.org/mp3/ for more info on LAME, http://www.r3mix.net/
for some excellent discussions on MP3 quality.  There's a link at
R3MIX to a great FAQ to the basics of MP3 as well.

They'll sound better on the finished CD :)

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