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Re: (TV) Test Patterns problem mp3's?

In message <200005271453.KAA22339@metheny.brainiac.com>, Joe Hartley
<jh@brainiac.com> writes
>"Cliff McLenehan" <klif@volny.cz> wrote:
>> Has anybody else had problems with the mp3's of Misty Eyes and 
>> the Lounge Hounds? I've downloaded the former twice and it has a 
>> horrible "ringing" sound going throughout the song. So does the 
>> Lounge Hounds track. Greg Chapple's version of Guiding Light is 
>> fine though. Do I have a problem with my mp3 player or is it a 
>> problem of faulty encoding?
>I notice this "ringing" artifact a little more on the LH's cut than
>on Misty Eyes, but I had to listen hard for it on both tracks.  I
>noticed that the 2 MP3's you mentioned had a lower sampling frequency
>(32MHz as opposed to 44MHz) so that might contribute a little to it.
>I didn't encode either of those two tracks, so I don't know what
>encoder was used. 

As I did encode these two tracks, perhaps I ought to say that I encoded
them both (and Raymond's "Thieves") using EAC with the Fraunhofer

I've just listened to both of them comparing them to the original .wav
files that I used for conversion and there's no noticeable difference in
"sound" other than the obvious loss of the conversion process. The
Lounge Hounds track is very "spacey" (best way I can think of describing
it!). Mike Deitch, the contributor, said of it: "Reminds me of various
late 60's over psychedelicized productions". "Misty Eyes", too, sounds
close to the original to my ears. 

Sorry if I'm sounding a little defensive here - I'd just hate to think
I'd let anyone down. As Joe says these aren't the versions that will
appear on the final CD. When we've actually reached the final, final
cutoff date Joe and I will be swapping all the .wavs we have so that we
each have a complete collection of originals for the CD burning. At that
point I'm sure Joe wouldn't mind remaking mp3s of those two for the
website. In the meantime I'd be happy to make new mp3s if either Steve
DiVenuta or Mike Deitch would like me to.



Keith Allison
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