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Re: (TV) Test Patterns problem mp3's?

Off-list, here:

Keith Allison <keith@marquee.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> As I did encode these two tracks, perhaps I ought to say that I encoded
> them both (and Raymond's "Thieves") using EAC with the Fraunhofer
> MP3Encoder.

The Fraunhofer encoder is pretty good.  I think it'd be more widely
used if it wasn't so tightly restricted.  I've been really happy with
LAME as a substitute, so much so that I've gone back and re-encoded
some stuff that I had done before with the Blade encoder.  There was
a noticable difference.

> I've just listened to both of them comparing them to the original .wav
> files that I used for conversion and there's no noticeable difference in
> "sound" other than the obvious loss of the conversion process. The
> Lounge Hounds track is very "spacey" (best way I can think of describing
> it!).

There's a lot of echo in the LH track, and the cymbals are pretty
prominent in the mix, which is the first thing to suffer in the compression.
As I mentioned, I had to listen hard for the digital artifacts, and I
didn't think they were out of line for a compressed file.

Cliff, what are you using to play the MP3s?

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