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(TV) Quotes About Television

If this has already been covered somewhere in the dim and distant past then ignore it.
I bought a couple of books very cheaply at the weekend and there are some TV quotes you might be interested in.
From Jim Derogatis' 'Kaleidoscope Days':'The flowery, extended solos of Television guitarist Tom Verlainewere compared to Jerry Garcia, the band covered 'Fire Engine' by the 13th Floor Elevators and 'Psychotic Reaction' by the Count Five, and worked with Brian Eno on a set of legendary demos.'......and from the same book and Robin Hitchcock talking about replacing Wang Bo with Kimberley Rew in the Soft Boys. 'Hitchcock soon regretted the move. He maintains that the Rew group was top-heavy, too loud and "too Television" '........and from a book called 'Destroy(The Definitive History of Punk)' by Alvin Gibbs is a quote talking about CBGBs owner Hilly Kristal and there policy of live country music; 'He further broke his own policy during the early months of 1974 by giving the largely unheard of experimental outfit Television, a gig there after the band managed to convince him that there were trace elements of both country music  and the blues in there unique and disobedient sound. Television went down somewhat better than Kristal had anticipated and were awarded a Sunday night residency. They continued to attract good size audiences, in comparison to some of the poor attendance figures at the straight country/blues shows and taking into account the undesirable nature of the venue's location'...........and talking about Malcolm Mclaren in New York...'Catching one of the budding CBGB's groups Television, he became duly impressed with the visually stunning Richard Hell and did his utmost to talk the Kentuckian into splitting to London with him to front Jones' fledging outfit. Hell would have none of it. He was too caught up in a leadership contest wiith Fellow Telvision member Tom Verlaine, for control of the soul of the group to warrant following an ex-manager of the fatigued and failed New York Dolls to the UK on some lick and a promise'.
There are a few more passing quotes about TV but these are of most interest. As far as the Soft Boys goes they pretty much passed me by. I know some on the list are Hitchcock fans. Where is a good place to start?