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Re: (TV) Quotes About Television

At 5:19 PM +0100 5/29/00, Nick wrote:

As far as the Soft Boys goes they pretty much passed me by. I know some on the
 list are Hitchcock fans. Where is a good place to start?

Rykodisc put out a CD reissue of _Underwater Moonlight_ with nearly a whole 'nother album's worth of bonus tracks. Highly recommended--great pseudo-psychedelic pop, with the twisted Hitchcock sensibility largely in place. For solo Hitchcock, _I Often Dream of Trains_ is a favorite of mine, with _Eye_ coming up a respectable second. The earlier Egyptians stuff is much better than the later, IMO, and the recent stuff is definitely promising. But definitely pick up _Moonlight_ and _Trains_--well worth it.

Maurice Rickard
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