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Re: (TV) Quotes About Television

Hi Nick,

Hitchcock has always been in strong competition with
Verlaine as my all time fave.  I have no idea where a
comparision with Television or Verlaine would come
from as Hitchcock is more in the acid rock vein and
guitars are not forefront by any means (I can't even
recall a guitar solo off hand though I am sure they
are in there somewhere, one album had lots of really
cool sax solos though-Groovy Decay/Groovy Decoy/Groovy
Deco-one lp three formats over a ten year span).  The
only Soft Boy album I have is Invisible Hits (w/
Kimberly Rew) however there are a few greatest hits,
compilation packages that should do the trick.  As for
Hitchcock solo, his defining album (for me anyways)
would be either Fegmania or Globe of Frogs.  Best bets
for an overall glimpse would be one of the many
greatest hit packages.  To my ears, there was never
anything close between Hitchcock and Verlaine but I
could be very wrong.  

Verlaine could really benefit from a sit-down chat
with Hitchcock regarding record co. relations as
Hitchcock has a dual contract where he can release
stuff on A & M and on indy lables at the same time. 
At one point he was releasing 2-3 albums a year (mind
you some of it was pure crap) whereas Verlaine
supposedly has 3 albums raring to go and even the
indys do not seem interested in him anymore (seeing
how that a very minor indy lable dropped the
Verlaine/Rip project).

--- Nick <nick@powelln.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:

> There are a few more passing quotes about TV but
> these are of most interest. As far as the Soft Boys
> goes they pretty much passed me by. I know some on
> the list are Hitchcock fans. Where is a good place
> to start?

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