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RE: (TV) New interview with Quine

Title: RE: (TV) New interview with Quine

Quine and Ribot on the same record?! Ye-haw!!!
What's the record's name?


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    It was a pleasure and an honor to help get this for Quine. I still say
he's one of our finest assets and at the same time one of our best kept
secrets. The other day he calls me from his apartment to play me something
over the phone.It was some of the wildest guitar playing I've ever heard
from him or anyone else. I couldn't help but wonder, why isn't this guy
playing with anyone? People should be breaking down his door to get him to
play with them. He's off of his "I hate Lou Reed" kick so perhaps this'll
turn things around for him. If any of you read the interview and are
interested in getting the CD by Corrin that he talks about, I have a handful
left. It feature both Quine and Marc Ribot. You couldn't ask for two finer
guitarists to play on one record. It's one of the best records/CD's I've
heard in a long while, and not a word of English is sung throughout.

    Ken Johnson is suppose to be doing an interview with Quine in the
Vintage Guitar Magazine. Who knows, with all this press, can some real work
be far off? M T C

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> Date: Sat, 27 May 2000 10:50:52 -0400
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> Subject: (TV) New interview with Quine
> This just in from Usenet (funny how these topics seem to cluster): a
> site in Sydney, Australia has posted a new interview with Robert
> Quine.  The top-level intro says he's "about to step out of the
> shadows."  Our own Michael Carlucci gets a credit from them as well.
> Haven't actually read the thing yet, but it can be found here:
> http://www.ozemail.com.au/~cregan1/ints/quine.html
> Enjoy!
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