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(TV) our version of friction

Hi all,

First off many thanks for the nice comments about our version of Friction. It's worth pointing out though that the song was mistakenly listed as being just by me when in fact it should be listed as Shallow End (which is collectively my friend Brad Bennet and I). Credit where credit is due and all that...

Someone asked what was used to record the thing soooo: The track was recorded onto a Mac G3 running ProTools and lot of different toys (guitars, bass, Roland Juno 60, tr 505 drum machine (for noise), Steinberg ReBirth, korg pandora 3 effects processor and a crateload of various samples n' noises). The whole thing was a disturbingly cut n' paste affair which works for some stuff but drives me completely batty at other times. At the end of the day though, I'm pretty happy with how all the pieces hang together (and that we managed to work in Television, beach boys AND G.I. Joe samples)... Sorry for kind of botching the lyrics, we were working from an incomplete set and making up the bits that we couldn't figure out!

As for what influenced the sound of this particular song the most, I think both of us would point to Japanese cut n' paste rocker Cornelius as the most direct, obvious inspiration for the somewhat schizophrenic sound of the track, but other things were of course always in the background.

But, um, yeah: thanks again.  Keith, the pic and info is coming, I promise.


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