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Re: (TV) which hitchcock?

actually, i was the one who compared ROBYN hitchcock's work to the worst of
dali's worst, but i do agree with you in re: soft boys.
thing is, they weren't JUST robyn hitchcock (& in response to the notation that
the early egyptians were the SBs minus k rew, i guess that just goes to show who
was the real guts & power in the band).
best soft boys product is the rykodisc 2 disc retrospective....has most of the
essential album/non-lp tracks plus some weird live oddities/covers & decent
liner notes.
i think the fact that hitchcock was quoted as saying rew was a detriment to his
vision of the band says it all.
& i'll still say the 1st coupla katrina & waves recs were better than any of the
hitchcock solo


> While perusing this thread yesterday, I stumbled on someone's insight that
> Hitchcock's much-touted surrealism was overstated and was more in keeping
> with the "high school poetry" of Dali, or words to that effect. I gotta say
> at first I thought you all were talking about about Alfred Hitchcock, not
> Robyn, and I thought, you gotta be kidding, Dali couldn't daub the waste off
> of Hitchcock's generous bum for trying with his forked moustachioed goatee.
> Then I realized you were talking about Robyn Hitchcock, who I don't know
> from Adam, but I have the Underwater Moonlight album, and such songs as
> "I've Got The Hot's For You", and especially "I Wanna Destroy You" are f-ing
> great. I heard the early Soft Boys LP, "A Can Of Bees" is rather cool, and
> I've never heard "I"m an Angle-Poised Lamp"(?). Is it worth getting? How
> about the BBC stuff or other stuff from that era? Kimberley Rew's guitar
> sound against Robyn's is beautiful, especially compared with the majority of
> early-80's groups. Any advice on this early Soft Boys stuff is appreciated.
> Scott
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