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Re: (TV) what gig?

At 07:53 PM 6/7/00 +0000, you wrote:
>  Sorry i don't remember a black guy,but there was a song richard did back 
>then called the Stone..great song!

Thanks anyway, don't remember a song called Stone, maybe it was even 1983
when I played with Richard, it's all kinda foggy. I do know for a fact,
that a tape existed of us playing CBGB's I believe. His manager at the
time, a guy named Michael told me he'd get me a copy and then just never
came through. The band broke up soon after that so I guess michael just
figured, the hell with it, and blew me off.
Richard was co managed by a guy named Bob Chiccarelli, spelling could be
wrong. Bob was a GREAT guy, unfortunately passed away years ago. 
The black guy in the band was literally taught to play by Hendrix, and
owned a Strat Jimi gave him. One night we did an encore of the Hendrix song
"Redhouse" with Richard on blues harp that was amazing, probably the best
gig we had.
Sorry for rambling.

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