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Re: (TV) Kinda slow...

At 03:29 PM 6/16/00 -0400, you wrote:
>How about a new "What's in or near the CD player" thread?

Right now listening to a live Ween show they did last week as a benefit for
a kid in their town,
been listening to White Pepper, Ween's new record alot too. I've kind of
become a Ween fanatic
getting live shows given to me almost weekly from other Ween fans that
record about everyshow they do. Or downloading MP3's of current and old
stuff that is all over the net. 
Of course, getting on this list has made me go back and listen to lots of
old live TV stuff also.
For NYer's Fred Smith plays with a couple of different bands and works with
others , helping mastering CD's and stuff like that, he is quite the
comptuer fan. He was the first person I knew with a home computer back in
about 1978 or thereabouts.
He's the person I call when I have computer problems, fortunately I've had
to call him less and less with problems and have more time when we do talk
not to talk about computers.
But anyway the band he plays most regularly with is backing a woman named
Courtney Lee Adams Jr.
who is definitely worth seeing on her own, but the addition of Fred and the
rest of her band just makes it better.
They play usually once a month at Manitoba's so check them out.
PS, last thing about Ween, I found out their guitarist Mickey, is a big TV
fan, I maybe him a tape of older stuff with Hell and he really dug it,
gonna make him another soon.

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