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(TV) Test Patters - the official release!

Sorry to all for the delay in this announcement.  At first I had no
intention on figuring out the distribution methods for this project,
but if it was going to get done, somebody had to do it, and I finally
stepped up and signed on for the job.  This coincided with a lot of
things happening for me both at work and at home, so it's gotten pushed
back a bit.  Again, my apologies!

Here's how this will work:  There's an email address, tvdisk@obbard.com,
that you email to with your name, location, order and how you'd like
to pay for the disks.  Based on this order, one of the volunteer disk
burners will reply to you and coordinate your payment with his mailing
of the disk.

There are 3 types of disk you can get: 
  $4: Barebones - just the disk and a jewel case
  $5: Standard - a black and white cover, insert & label
  $6: Deeeeluxe - color covers and label
  (All prices US $)

These prices will cover the cost of burning, printing and mailing the
disks (that is, shipping costs are included).  Some disks might be a
little more to do, others less, but these prices seem to be best for
getting everything to even out so that the burners don't actually lose
money for providing the service.

This is not a commercial enterprise - Tom V. gave permission for this
project only after being assured that no one's profiting from this.
As such, these disks cannot be sold for profit.  If you want to sell your
copy to a friend, it can't be for more than you paid for it.  No fair
setting up eBay auctions for these rare disks :)
You may copy the disk yourself to give to others, but you must copy the 
WHOLE disk.  Specifically, don't leave off the data portion of the disk,
or the person getting the disk will not get the artwork and webpages that
go with it.

Regarding payments, I am registered with PayPal, a free online service that
allows you to send another Paypal user money via their website.  I use
it for eBay auctions, but it will work well for this, too.  If you're not
already on PayPal, you can check it out at http://www.paypal.com  New
users get $5 for signing up, and if you tell 'em jh@brainiac.com referred
you, I get a $5 bonus out of the deal.

Anything else?  I think that's it.  There are a bunch of emails that we've
gotten already with orders.  We'll be plowing through these to get everyone
who's already inquired matched up with the proper burner.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this project!  We've really got
something to be proud of here.

       Joe Hartley - UNIX/network Consultant - jh@brainiac.com
     12 Emma G Lane, Narragansett, RI  02882 - vox 401.782.9042
Without deviation from the norm, "progress" is not possible. - FZappa

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