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What did you think of Tin Huey? They openned for Television in that last
series of shows they did at the Bottom Line, before taking that long
1978-1992 break.

>    I was in attendance of two of the Mumps shows but not by choice. I saw
>them open-both times at CBGB's- for John Cale in December '76 and for
>Blondie in the spring of '77. Both times I could not wait for them to finish
>their set. I found them to be over the top pretentious with the bassist
>taking a box of cereal and throwing out handfuls of Corn Flakes into the
>audience. Lance Loud was comical and witty but couldn't sing to save his
>life. I did buy their first single to see if they were any better in the
>studio and found it to be worth a listen or two. Overall, not worth the 40
>minutes waiting for Cale or Blondie. During Cale's 3 day stint at CB's he
>also had the Fans from Georgia opening who I thought were really good as
>well as Chris Butler's Tin Huey who I also liked. So my dislike for the
>Mumps was not my  anticipation of my first Cale shows, I just didn't like
>them. Sorry! M T C
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