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Re: (TV) Howdy / Kinks

No act. I saw the Kinks in '72  twice and both times they were completely drunk. The two brothers could hardly stand and their shows were totally sloppy.

"Casey, Leo J" wrote:

> I saw the Kinks live at Boston's old Orpheum Theater (the two opening acts were Todd Rundgren his The Hello People[?],  and The Jeff Beck Group) when they were touring to promote Muswell Hillbillies in 1973, I think. It was a great show; Ray sang most of the set drinking beer from cans!  When he sang "Alcohol" he was spilling it all over the himself and the stage.  I've always wondered if this was part of a shtick and he was actually just slurping down spring water.
> Saw Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club perform a whole set drunk at The Channel--- but to paraphrase Shakespeare the musical performance suffered
> Leo
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> > Hi Micah,
> >
> > Which do you mean, the 60s reissues on Castle or the 70s/80s reissue on Velvel?
> >
> > I've got almost all of both, just missing a few of the mid-70s albums and LIVE
> > AT KELVIN HALL from the 60s reissues. All in all, they are pretty nice -
> > although the music is much patchier in the 70s/80s, they (the Velvel reissues)
> > are the better reissues in terms of packaging/liner notes/bonus material,
> > unearthing some great rarities (the original "Preservation" single, which is
> > better than both of the albums with the same name, both of the outtakes on the
> > excellent MUSWELL HILLBILLIES, some of the extra stuff on SLEEPWALKER inc.
> > "Prince of the Punks", etc).
> >
> > The 60s reissues are pretty good too - several key albums are restored to mono
> > (including VILLAGE GREEN PRESERVATION SOCIETY), and a few rarities and
> > alternate mixes are unearthed (including the entire 12-track stereo version of
> > VILLAGE GREEN). My only major complaint is that they omitted a few key tracks
> > (e.g., "She's Got Everything", "Did You See His Name?", and almost all of the
> > stuff that first appeared on THE GREAT LOST KINKS ALBUM, like the VILLAGE GREEN
> > outtakes "Misty Water", "Lavender Hill", and "Rosemary Rose", etc) for no clear
> > reason - definitely not CD space.
> >
> > Also, for some reason, the US versions of the 60s reissues have NO bonus
> > material! Ack! I think there was a licensing problem, but fortunately, the UK
> > versions are pretty common here.
> >
> > If I had to name my favorite reissues across both series, I would choose:
> > FACE TO FACE (mono, some choice single tracks and rarities)
> > SOMETHING ELSE (mono, some choice single tracks and rarities)
> > MUSWELL HILLBILLIES (fantastic album all around, now with two good outtakes)
> >
> > An honorable mention also goes to SLEEPWALKER, for including some good outtakes
> > and "Prince of the Punks", even if it's not as strong an album all-around.
> >
> > --Philip
> >
> > --- bedwellm@WellsFargo.COM wrote:
> > > Hey, has anyone heard those Kinks re-issues?
> >
> >
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