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RE: (TV) Arrow on Ebay

The original has a printed green cover, with a large white stripe in the 
middle. The text is printed in white. I've only ever seen one copy and 
thats my one which I bought recently from Mike.
The version with the white cover and the text stamped on is titled "Arrow 
Rerun", at least mine is, so I assume this its the 2nd issue. The catalog 
numbers are the same on both versions, as is the vinyl itself (okay, the 
original has a shinier label if you want to be pedantic).

Here's the info on it from Steve Rovner's TV discography:
Arrow - Fire Engine/Poor Circulation/Little Johnny Jewel/Knockin' on 
Heaven's Door/Prove It/Friction/Satisfaction
(No Label) No. F85, released 1980
Arrow, Rerun - same as above, repressing, released (?)

Soon I'm going to take photos of all my TV records and CDs and put them up 
on my website when I get around to updating it...

On 30 September 2000 08:00, g grant [SMTP:grntg@yahoo.com] wrote:
> Hi Howard, so far the bids are low.  I have this lp.
> I always thought it was first edition.  What was the
> first edition?  Apparantly it was worth major $$$ a
> few years ago.  Excellent quality that blows away the
> blow up, not near as many songs though.

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