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Re: (TV) Whammy bars, leases, etc

> Anyone into the Tragically Hip?
> Greg

    I can't say that I'm into them in the sense that I own their records,
but I will say that we had the privelege of sharing the same bill with them
in Washington D.C. in 1990. I found their singer to be one of the finest I'd
seen or heard in a long time. I especially enjoyed his introductions to
songs. The band to were very tight with two fine guitarists. They reminded
me alot of True West, a fine early 80's quintet. I always felt like these
guys will never catch on, they play too well. Remeber, this was during the
era of "Indi Rock Rules", 10 years later and they're still in the same
position as they were back then, in the states anyway. They may have a
strong folling in Canada their homebase but as far as the U.S. is concerned
they still haven't broken through the mainstream. They're a whole lot better
and more interesting than say the Black Crows or Counting Crows who are
along the same lines. Still, there is no justice in the world of music. I'm
happy to hear that the T.H. are still active though, that's quite a feat to
play together that length of time without having any major success. M T C

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