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(TV) Happy New Year, Grammy Awards, the dBs, etc.

Hi all,

Happy New Year!

Yeah, the Grammy Awards are a joke. The Simpsons got it right-on. But hey....
RUN DEVIL RUN was my favorite McCartney album since TUG OF WAR, maybe even
since RAM. "She Said Yeah" was undoubtedly one of my favorite tracks of the
year - with lots of credit to producer Chris Thomas - even though I heavily
ridiculed my girlfriend for buying the album when it came out, I've basically
annexed it since September...

It's a sign of how mediocre Bowie's HOURS... was that it made the nomination
list for "Thursday's Child" (admittedly, not a terrible song). But I'm sure
Dylan'll get the award, as he's got the hip-factor and the better song.

I worked from home Dec. 29 and spent the day listening to TV - and remembered
just how great the material on POOR CIRCULATION is; changed my opinions about
NEW YORK STORIES (originally opinion: blah; new opinion: nice rarities
collection); and reminded myself how kick-ass THE LAST TIME is. I especially
love that second version of "Little Johnny Jewel". And both PR and NYS sound
MUCH better on my stereo than through my headphones (the original way I heard

Finally... I always assumed Chris Stamey/Richard Lloyd's "(I Thought) You
Wanted To Know" had never appeared on CD (the MP3 on my site is from vinyl). I
was wrong; looks like it appear on a Rhino compilation c. 1993. Unfortunately,
it's out of print -
http://www.cddiscounters.com/cddiscounters/diyshakeitup.html. Just FYI.

And finally: Jay, my sympathies!! Get well soon!!

your fellow fan,

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