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(TV) 1800, or so....again

I have a CD of about 7 versions of "Red House" by Jimi Hendrix. The music is
also included as a source of study. I think, I would like to do the same for
this favorite tune of mine.

This morning's version is the one from The Great American Music Hall show. 

The main riff is played. There's a pause, then the drums hit. It's not as
epic at the Tokyo version, or as intense as the Philly show, but it does
succeed in what I've noticed about these virtousos. Instead of playing to a
climax and then bursting out with some kind of release, they gradually
increase a song's tension on a even keel. In short, they play themselves
into a froth, with the payoff being akin to standing up in the backseat of a
convertible screaming your head off going 90 miles down the road.


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