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Re: (TV) old but new

At 12:17 PM -0500 2/13/01, Pontrelli, Paul Jay wrote:
For list members, regulars and lurkers, when did you first start listening
to Television?

1983. My older sister had a teacher who was getting rid of all his punk/new wave albums as part of a religious conversion, and he gave them to her for free. I'd read some _Musician_ items on Tom, and when I saw _Adventure_ in the stack (not MM, curiously), I snagged it. By the end of the first bar of the solo in "Foxhole," my life had changed. _Dreamtime_ and _WFTF_ followed, and I went outward from there.

The stack also contained the first four Elvis Costello discs, the first four Ramones, first three Talking Heads, some great samplers...man. What a gift.

Maurice Rickard
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