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(TV) more words about camber sands

first of all, forget what you may think about reunions and the band's
motives in reforming for a few gigs - the show spoke for itself.
you could feel the power from the very beginning of  '1880 or so' ,which is
still hard to find these days. especially when it comes to
two guitar figures such as verlaine and loyd together on stage.

few comments:

1. my greatest dissapointement- only 1-2 minuts of  guitar came after "he
loses his senses" in "little jhonny jewl".
   i'd prefer if they wouldn't have played it at all.

2. amazing loyd's playing in 'call mr.lee' and '1880'

3. considering the band had nothing to promote, they could give more of the
old stuff. 'friction' and most of all-'the dream's dream' were  missing. i'm
saying that even though lou reed's act proved that if you're doing it right-
the set list does'nt matter that much.

4.before the band came up, in the first row in front of me, stood two kids
holding a CD of their band. after hesitating a while, tom
   came over and made them happy

5.for all listers information- some of the other acts in  camber sands
really kicked ass (mainly the unknown artists on the small stage, although
tortoise and yo la tengo were fine too)

do whatever you can to watch the show in Shepherds Bush on sunday.


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