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Re: (TV) Gloom and Doom

It's interesting to read the different opinions on the Camber Sands
show. I thought it was good to hear the guys back again, but they did
seem to be going through the motions a bit (Billy excepted). As far as I
could tell, the only song they didn't fuck up at some point was 'Little
Johnny Jewel', which was by far the best thing they did on the night.
But the lack of rehearsal really showed -- they ballsed up the endings
to lots of the songs, and Tom forgot the words to several of them. It
was a shame they just dusted off the 1992 set list, too. Yet as Michael
says, it depends on what you were expecting -- I was hoping they might
be as good as they were at the Forum in 92, and they weren't, but a
friend I went with, who'd never seen them before, was blown away.
I have no moral objection to them doing it for the money -- God knows
I'd rather give my money to them than Bryan Adams, and I'd rather see a
lacklustre Television show than a shit hot U2 show -- but when a band
depends as they do on a sort of telepathic, organic communication
between the players, you can tell when their hearts aren't really into it.
Anyway, see you at Shepherd's Bush!
PS On the closed-loop TV at Camber Sands they showed (in piss poor
quality) a fantastic video called 'Oh No It's Devo' -- does anyone know
if this is available anywhere? Or if you can get the audio as a live CD?

Michael Olcsvary wrote:
> As someone who saw Television back in the day, I'd like to put in my two
> cents.  On one occasion - the first, when I had no idea I was seeing History
> In The Making, they were pretty ragged but right.  Subsequent occasions were
> three where they were pretty good, one when they were positively
> transcendent, and two - both in Boston (pre-1st album and post "Adventure")-
> where it just Didn't Happen - at least, as far as I was concerned.  I know
> of two people who saw the light at that latter Boston show and couldn't
> believe me when I said I'd seen TV do better - as far as they were
> concerned, that show was IT.  Some things might be AS good, but nothing
> could be better.  So Michael C's friends (who no doubt have something to
> compare the ATP show to) weren't impressed - that's fine and valid.  Keith
> seemed happy with what he saw and heard - that's fine and valid.  Maybe they
> are just doing it for the money - that's fine and valid, too; the Who have
> been doing it for years (and am I alone in thinking they should have hired
> Clem Burke?  But I digress).  I had a boss once who's pet saying was "We
> expect too much from people."  Television has legendary status and they sure
> as hell deserve it, but legends exist independently of the people who
> create/inspire them.  In the end we're dealing with four people who are just
> as fucked up as the rest of us are.  Regardless, I'll bet 10 years from now,
> those of us who are around will be reading about some musician who'll say
> the turning point of his or her life was seeing Television at ATP in 2001.
> That said, if they play Seattle (hey, Paul Allen, wake the hell up and book
> them!) I'll be among the first in line.
> I'd also like to go on record as agreeing with Mr. Hartley - Verlaine could
> have tossed us a bone with a webcast (not that I seriously expected one, but
> hell..)
> And thanks for the kind words, Maurice.
> Michael, who's still wondering why the Bibi Farber webcast a few weeks ago
> was canceled.
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