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(TV) Fan Feedback

Sometimes I print out the MM list and I give it to Tom. A few months ago
the list topic was Camber Sands and how some of you were hoping that the
notoriously controlling Tom would not totally dominate onstage because
Richard was deserving of a chance in the spotlight. I gave that thread
to Tom and Tom read the posts. Maybe that's why he let Richard
"dominate" last Sunday. To remedy this and to try to make the Verlaine
fans happy I'll print this week's posts, including the posts about Tom
not playing enough, and I'll send them to him. They'll be fresh in his
mind when he plays Chicago. He will appreciate the fan feedback.
Previously the only instant feedback he got was when he would ask
backstage every night, "Were we in tune?" (When I'd reply "You were
spectacular" he'd say, "But you always say that," so my opinion really
didn't count.)

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