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(TV) Music

Jim Carroll wasn't approached by Television to contribute a song. That
must have been a misquote. 

I agree that the Capitol album was more lightweight than hard rock. Tom
has been in an intricate dreamy phase since The Wonder. I don't know
why, maybe it has to do with his interest in film scores, which are
essentially unobtrusive subtle background music. That's not to say there
aren't plenty of suspenseful slashing rocking parts in Tom's film score
music. (By the way, they're planning a DVD of the film score show. Tom
will resume that tour probably in June or July in Pittsburgh.)
Personally I wish his music would sound like "There's A Reason" again,
and in fact it does: He's done a new rock record which is waiting for a
record deal. He gets offers but he wants the right type of distribution.

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