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Re: (TV) Now Playing

At 06:00 PM 4/29/2001 +0100, Keith Allison wrote:
In message <200104291634.MAA28292@metheny.brainiac.com>, Joe Hartley
<jh@brainiac.com> writes
>RT's a master at building up to the great release; again, that part of
>VBL52 that sends the shiver down my spine is really a release of tension
>that slowly and inexorably built in the song without the listener ever
>realizing it.

As in "The Way That It Shows" on Mirror Blue. Superb!

And even more superb on the "official bootleg" of the 1994 band tour, Two Letter Words. One of my top ten fave guitar solos of all time, right up there with Lou Reed's "I Heard Her Call My Name" and the title track of Marquee Moon.

Jim K.

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